1. Okay. I was in the music biz for (a long time). This is some righteously hilarious observation. There needs to be more of this around because the People Magazine and Press Agent version of pop culture is nonsense.

    Oklahoma City. Three Dog Night. They are late. Way late. Two hours late. They finally come out, have the tall singer wrapped up like the mummy in bad, even for Hollywood, bandages. Sling, head wrap, crutches. Like what my mother put together for me for a Halloween. Poor baby, he’s been beaten by the Los Angeles Police and is so thoughtful he still took a late plane ride because “the must go on.” They play two and half songs, say good night.

    They all showed up on the same private plane that afternoon, no bandages. Did the L.A. cops come all the way to OKC just to kick his ass?

    Great stuff.

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    1. Thanks, Phil. The music biz is, indeed, a rodeo of its own kind. And I’m sure you have a lot more stories to tell than I have in my own meager arsenal. I might have to come up with a way for you to do a guest post on this blog. Interested?


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